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FOX News
Nov 4, 2013 7:00pm PST
. buchanan. democratic strategist steve mcmahon. steve, every indication they knew. their own study pointed out that small businesses, 60 some odd percent of americans would lose their health care. big businesses 45%. vinls 85%. they knew in july of 2010 and the president continued to go out there and sell what was an enormous lie to the american people. how do you defend this? >> i'm not going to defend everything that the president's campaign did. clearly the president overstated or misstated or inaccurately stated. >> or lied. >> what the impact would be on a lot of people. that's inexcusable. >> wait a minute. or he lied. >> sean -- >> i can show you page 34,000 whatever of the obama reports. they knew. they all knew, steve. why are the american people lied to when everybody in government knew. >> you presume they knew. you accurately point out the fact that there was some evidence that perhaps someone should have known. >> in the record they knew. in the register they knew on page 34,455. >> right. how many people do you think read to page 34,485? here's the b problem with the law in m
FOX News
Nov 14, 2013 7:00pm PST
. joining me now with reaction, steve king. minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. first of all, we have to get it on the table. this jug just delays the madness. we'll be back here a year from now. >> we are in the same madness sooner. he can't fulfill the promise because the insurance companies have to opt in. and the insured need to also opt in. no way that becomes 100% of people get to keep their policy. his restatement of the gra grandfather clause, if premiums went up that disqualified the policies. this is a lot of rhetoric in a desperate president trying to react to democrat push back. the senators went to the white house. the democrats voted with the president on this. this is panic mode for the president of the united states. >> instead of saying, okay, i made the promise. i will keep my promise. the president has delayed the inevitable here. i think it's obvious, but why do you think he did it? >> this is a political problem for the president. this is the political solution to his political problem. it isn't about the people. it's about the political problems of the democratic
FOX News
Nov 6, 2013 7:00pm PST
night the vote had been between steve lon gan and cory booker, the republican would have won. but his ego got in the way. there goes another senate seat. >> i'm aggravated. there is a coronation today for chris christie. the exit poll shows he wouldn't beat hillary clinton on the biggest night of his political life. how does he win with some of the appointments he's made, the economy in new jersey. it's nothing to brag about. he's wrong in terms of the conservative base on immigration, guns, the economy, green technology being the future. how does he win in a red state? everyone is making this prediction today. they are so wrong i can't believe it. >> as uh yyou know, i would def him on everything except amnesty. that's a mistake for the republican party. we are the party of the middle class, not wall street. when republicans come out for amnesty do the bidding for the plutocrats and the wall street crowd and not the working class americans, blacks and hispanics. that's our party. we are the populist party. it's wrong. >> hapg on a second. >> i say about christie, george pitaki won th
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)